Crazy for Cupcakes

Why not go a little untraditional?

Cupcakes are sweeping the wedding scene and are becoming more and more popular, intricate, sophisticated, charming, and, let’s just say it, fun! Below are just a few examples of the fabulous cupcakes you could use to dazzle your wedding guests…


Kosher Street


Project Wedding

Disclaimer: These are just design ideas. Be sure to check back for Kosher Caterers near you!


Concept #1: Badeken

Before the actual wedding ceremony, the badeken takes place. The groom, escorted by his father and father-in-law,  proceed to the bride, who is seated among her mother and mother-in-law. The groom at this time veils the bride reciting the blessing given to Rebecca before she married Isaac.

This tradition of the badeken originates with the Biblical story of Rebecca and Isaac. The story goes that as Isaac approached Rebecca, his bride, she took her handkercheif and covered her face.

There are many ways to understand this tradition, but a common way of understanding it is that it accomplishes the concept of the chuppah. Chuppah, according to the Torah, means a groom “spreading a cloth” over his bride. Therefore, the badeken  could be seen as accomplishing this law.