Pesach Seder Styling Tips

With Pesach just around the corner, 613 Tiers brings you the first Chag (holiday) tips post! As Jews, we are blessed to celebrate many different important days throughout the year…in fact, not one week goes by without this luxury!! We would be amiss if we failed to recognize the boundless opportunities we have to make all these holidays special, beautiful, and enchanting! Besides, it’s a mitzvah to honor and elevate these special days with paying close attention to details! Would one not invite the king to the most elegant meal she could muster up? In addition, your wonderful presentation will wow your guests and excite your kids (and don’t forget to invite guests this Pesach- as that too is an important custom, see’s Hospitality post for further details on inviting guests). And if you have Pesach tips, please share, I’d love some inspiration of my own!

Tip #1: Traditional isn’t always bad.

Don’t toss the white linens! Just spice them up. Add a simple, but colorful napkin holder or a few decorative napkins.


Tip #2: Centerpieces are eye-catching and table transforming

You do not need to buy something extravagant. Look for pieces you have around the house…different size vases, fruit, perfume bottles…be creative, because centerpieces make all the difference at an event table!

Tip #3: Color is good!

My sister and I have been trying to tell my mother this for years. Do not have a fear of color! Be color committal!!

Taste with the Eyes

Taste with the Eyes

The Knot

The Knot

Hostess with the Mostess

Hostess with the Mostess

Tip #4: Add a little whimsy

Passover is all about enticing the kids to participate, while also reminding adults of the child within them. Don’t forget about the chag while creating the table- make it a part of it! And make the kids want to be there. Look for toys, dolls, or pictures to spice up your seder.

I found this great seder table on

Taste with the Eyes

Taste with the Eyes

Taste with the Eyes

Taste with the Eyes


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