Pink, White & Blue

I absolutely love dessert tables. They can set the entire  feel of an event. Here’s a dessert table I created for the fourth of july: pink, white and blue!


Vintage Victorian Wedding

I’m always looking for beautiful, tznius (modest) wedding gowns and it is so hard  to find!  This wedding photo shoot that I found on Ruffled is so whimsical, tasteful, and elegant. I just melt over every detail!

 The wedding dress is from 7Closets Vintage. A good idea for a woman trying to dress more modestly on her wedding day is to consider vintage. A grandma’s wedding gown with just a few tweaks could be the dress of your dreams!


See more photos of this wedding shoot at Ruffled.


Welcome to 613 Tiers, a site dedicated to enhancing the beauty, knowledge, and resourcefulness of Jewish weddings. It is a place where the meaning, the vendors, and the inspiration can be at your fingertips. In Judaism, it is taught that one must elevate the physical to the spiritual. I have always loved weddings, but in my searches for inspiration and Jewish vendors, the internet fell short. I could not find both the modern stylishness of weddings mixed with the practical and spiritual aspects of a Jewish wedding. I needed, for my own self-purpose, to find a site where the two were linked.

So I’m creating it.

I plan to compile the inspiration I find and display it here, along with wedding vendors and real weddings to enhance the inner and outer beauty of your Jewish wedding.